Soledad Casentini, resides in the Saenz Peña neighborhood in Buenos Aires, and graduated from the Graphic Design program at UBA in 2009. She began her professional career in 2005 at Colortex, a textile company, where she focused on designing catalogs and packaging. Later, she continued working in marketing agencies, audiovisual design studios, and participated in projects for Motica, Dodecaedro, and Sol 90 studios. Since then, she has worked as a freelance designer.

In addition to her design experience, Soledad has complemented her education with various training programs in the artistic field, such as drawing, painting, and illustration. She recently completed the Digital Marketing program offered by Coderhouse.

Maria Piegari is Argentine and currently resides in Uruguay. She graduated from the Graphic Design program at the renowned University of Buenos Aires in 2008. She has received training in web design and animation and, in 2022, completed the Digital Marketing program at Coderhouse. Due to her interest in the visual arts, she has also studied various forms of art, including drawing, painting, illustration, engraving, etc. Throughout her professional journey, she has gained experience in various studios, agencies, and companies. Since 2010, she has worked as an independent graphic designer.

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